On to "Life Events" section...

In the redesign of the ol' website, I decided to write original copy. Writing is way harder than photography, so it took loads of time, but I finally got the Institutions section done. And just this morning, I finished-off the accompanying photo galleries too.

I feel good about what I made. If you represented an institution in need of photographic services, I think you'd understand my editorial, commercial, event, and headshot offerings. Not bad.

You of course can read all the copy and see all the photos right here.

Now on to the other 1/2 of the website, what I'm calling the Life Events area. This is a completely new area of work. I've done some wedding, prom, and family photography, but offering these to the market is completely new. There's a lot to figure out regarding pricing, style and approach. I'm also going to write some digital ads. I don't have the broadest portfolio to exhibit, but I'm going to give it a shot.


PS: The photo features my friend Greg Miller. He runs a fascinating business called Film Rescue International, based in Indian Head. I was lucky enough to make some photos of him that will accompany a piece that will soon run in Maclean's. Cool.