Paternity Leave

I was a stay-at-home parent all summer. I didn't take any paid gigs from April to September. I really missed making pictures for other people, but it was worth it. Parenting full-time was so hard. I was so blind to how exhausting it would be. #UniversalChildcareNow

It was also amazing. We bonded. I got to be there when she started to walk, and make funny noises, and cuddle. (Only when she's tired.) I love this kid so much.

But she got a daycare spot in September, and we went for it. She's got a place to burn and learn, much more than I was able to give her. And aside from the morning drop-off, they tell us she likes it.

My second gig back was for an agricultural organization. I love these shoots: it's usually a mix of action, staged action, and portraiture.

Todd Lewis, president of APAS.

I missed shooting, but the break was useful in an unexpected way. I think I see more clearly what steps I need to take to make a proper business out of photography. And since full time parenting, I better appreciate the value of time.