I'm looking at the baby monitor...

...and she's wiggling a bit, so I don't have much time. Oh geez, she just yawned. OK, bullet points then.

  • One reason being a freelancer is tough is that you have to be the manager and the worker at the same time. That is, you have to be self-motivated.
  • But I work best when someone is relying on me, when an external force demands my work/skill/photo/bottle of milk/RESP.
  • When I was childless, I had time in great supply. But now that baby is here, time is suddenly a precious commodity.
  • Weirdly, now that I have less time, it feels more valuable. I think it's helping me focus on what needs to get done, vis a vis running a tiny business.
  • OMG, she's babbling, it's so cute. (Also, my wife is the best, she just got the baby up.)
  • Focus. OK. So I once read The Artist's Way, and something I've always wanted to do is "morning pages". It's a way to declutter the mind, get focus, get flowing. I want to do a version of this here, only I'll call it "morning photo". Yes. This is good.
  • To sum: time is finite + writing is helpful = get shit done. Something like that.