What a mess. I'm redoing my website.

My wife (still feels strange to say; we just celebrated our first anniversary; I wish we had a different word in English that meant "the person with whom you've made a public pledge to love and support for your whole life but to be clear isn't one's property") mentioned to me that my website was looking "a little dated." My TPWWYMAPPTLASFYWLBTBCIOP is way smarter than me and usually right about most things, so I ignored her. 

But then last weekend I went to a photography conference in Saskatoon, and there was a nerdy digital workshop. During a break, I showed the presenter my home page.

"It looks like a resume."


It's good to realize when things aren't working. I'm 19 months into being a full-time freelance photographer. Some success, some failure, some hard won learning experiences along the way. But one thing is clear: I need to own this thing more. I can't sit back and wait for gigs to come. I need to work smarter. And harder. I need to figure out why I do this. I need to figure out how to move toward the work that excites me. Polishing up the website will be easy. Asking deeper questions about why I decided to freelance in the first place will be difficult, and worthwhile.


PS: The photo is our dog Buster, when a puppy.