Update: Oct. 2022.

I no longer have access to dedicated studio space, but I can still make your portrait on-location. I intend to have new prices and a booking system figured out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you need a headshot, contact me and we'll get it figure out!


Can I bring a friend for support?

Of course! People often bring a friend to help them with hair, clothing and moral support.

How will you compose the headshots?

It depends on what you want the photo to do.

For instance, if you need it for a website, you might want a horizontal image with negative space for text or logos. If you need it for your social media, you might want a vertical or square.

If you don't have a strong preference, I'll aim to make both: some vertical 3/4 body shots, framed from thigh to above head; and horizontal 1/2 body shots, framed torso to above head. In this way, you get maximum versatility.

What mood will you attempt to create?

Most people want headshots to make them look warm, open, and trustworthy.

What file format will I get?

Digital images in .jpg format. You'll be able to download them optimized for web or print.

Can I have different backdrop colours?

No. I light the backdrop to appear somewhere between white, light to dark grey, or black.