Here's the official bit. Michael:

  • is an insured Regina-based full-time professional freelance photographer, available for life events and institutional work.
  • got his start as a news photographer for the Regina Leader-Post in 2011. Began full-time freelance work in 2018.
  • has many clients: Canadian Press, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Maclean’s, Globe Theatre, Institute for Canadian Citizenship, Luther College, Saskatchewan Arts Board, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, University of Regina, CBC Saskatchewan, Government of Saskatchewan, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Regina Farmers’ Market, Agricultural Producers’ Association of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, Unifor, Regina Public Library, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association.
  • is a Saskatchewan business, registration no. 101236184.

A bit more about me...


My partner

If you find someone who supports and surprises you as much as this woman does me, then you know how fortunate you are.

Mother and daughter portrait


Our kiddo

My partner and I are still amazed that we have a daughter. Does that ever go away? I hope not. She was born in 2020, and continues to astound us. She's a supernova in diapers, exploding into being. (And into her pants.)


Our dog

Dang, this boi is a good boi. Before the baby came, he was the uncontested number one creature in the house. He was demoted, but he took it in stride. These days, he's patiently learning to live with a toddler who not always gentle, sometimes steals his treat ball, and teases him with offers of food, only to yank it away at the last moment.